Personalized Scent and Color Yankee Candle Style Apothecary Jar - Hand Made in USA


People are raving about these Yankee Candle style apothecary jar alternatives from Windy Hill Candle Factory.

The biggest difference is you can personalize and select the scent and select the color because each candle is made to order at Windy Hill’s expansive Candle Factory in upstate New York.  This allows you to decorate with your favorite candle color and scent and not have to settle for something that matches your decor but doesn't smell good to you. Or, vice versa...

Additionally, we've created a special two wick system designed to provide the optimal scent all while efficiently burning.   What that means is each time you light it the minimum burn time is only two hours as compared to others that may be much longer that are similar in size.  And as with all of our candles there is not a maximum burn time.

So if you’re a Yankee Candle lover we encourage you to add one of our custom candles to your collection, we’re confident you'll find our candles as good if not better than Yankee Candles and you’ll be glad you did.

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