Make Extra Cash with Windy Hill Candle Factory's Affiliate Program

Become a Windy Hill Candle Factory affiliate and make money with your passion for candles! Windy Hill is the only source for custom color and custom scented candles which makes it a unique opportunity as an affiliate and a great way to make extra money for yourself! 

Tier 1 affiliates begin by making 15% commissions that we process monthly so the more you sell the more you make!  Plus, incentives and bonus money may be available to you once you're in the program for 6 months and have reached target sales levels. 

Customers can design their own personalized candle choosing from 28 colors, over 100 popular scents, in either a Yankee Style or Mason Jars so they can decorate with their favorite color and scent!

We provide you with banner ads and custom links to track your progress, all you need to do is share your passions with other who love candles too!

Windy Hill Candle Factory offers top selling hand made candles produced in the USA since 1995. We are family owned and our Factory Outlet store in upstate New York is open every day except holidays from 10am to 5pm. 

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*Please note that we only ship orders to continental USA only